About Us

Our Vision:

Paving the path towards higher academic learning.

Our Mission:

We strive to bridge the gap between quality education and aspiring students At padalikha, we believe that quality education is the key to our nation’s success. As our country strives towards a progressive future, one where the literacy rate is overwhelming, we want to do our parts to make this vision come true. Hence, we aim to provide assistance and resources to aspiring students in a bid to make admission into a dream college accessible to all. We are a one stop solution for all student needs and render services that range from providing career counseling to offering financial aids through our unique scholarships. While most scholarships are given on the basis of merit, we strive to lessen the financial burden on pupils and their families irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Operating in line with our mission, we give free and unique scholarships to all students without taking into consideration any specific criteria and provide them with an opportunity to study in esteemed colleges across India. Our vast resources can also help students understand their stream better, assist them in a hasslefree documentation for enrollment and enable them to be better prepared for the college of their choice. We work towards recognizing bright minds and providing them with an opportunity for a better future by ensuring hassle free access to exclusive education.